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Passport to lots of years filled with love

My kittens are breeded in my house. They may wonder around the house only after their first vaccine. I carefully select my reproducers in order to have kittens that will have all the qualities we expect from this breed.

All my kittens leave my house when they are between 12 and 14 weeks old, which assures they will completely develop and they will be sociable. This will give them a better chance to be able to incorporate themselves to their future family.

They get vaccinated: First and second (typhus, coryza, leucosis). For those kittens who are still with me after they reach three months of age, we vaccinate them with the second shot against Leucosis. And those destined for companionship are:

Fixed by us before they leave the house
Fixed by you before the kitten is seven months old.

During the acquisition of the kitten you can meet me. If you can’t come, then I will deliver the kitten. So the kitten will be delivered with its Vaccines Card, its provisional Identification Card. The Pedigree Certificate will be given along with the Purchase Certificate and the Health Certificate. They will be mailed to you in a two months period.

The breeder will always be happy to get news about their cat’s development and growth. The placing of a cat is a serious decision, our little friends are living beings that need and expect lots of attention and care and lots, but lots of Love.


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