Cattery Som of Kismayou, Somalis, Abyssians, Cats, Kittens, Breeding, Prebred cats
Cattery Som of Kismayou, Somalis, Abyssians, Cats, Kittens, Breeding, Prebred cats



Cats are very sensitive and they vomit easily if they swallow any harmful food. Poisoning cases are rare. They could eat a plant that’s been treated with insecticide or a prey that’s been poisoned. They could also lick chemical products. Between the most known toxic products we could find in our homes of gardens are the slug poisons, and painkillers like Aspirin.

Toxic Products:

What to do?

Call your vet immediately. Various poisons have an antidote.


You’ve just adopted a kitten. You hope you’ll live and share with him lots of years filled with love and to provide everything he’ll need.

You know that this small hairball is filled with great mysteries, and you are right! First of all, a cat is not a dog! Yes, our both animals share the same feature of being carnivorous, but their behavior is completely different. And to be able to make a cat happy, we need to respect their special features. We feel, and we’re certain that cats need less education, cats have the reputation of being independant and autonomous at the moment of the adoption.

Additionally cats are ideal for companionship, a bit clingy, but completely capable of living a quiet and calmed life, in several ocasions they will stay by themselves, but they are able to give love and affection respecting the person’s independence. This shouldn’t discourage the owner to educate their new companion.

Emergency situations:

A kitty is curious, playful and intrepid. The presence of this new kitty could make us face different emergency situations.

Here’s a piece of advice:

Ovens and washer or drying machines are fun hiding places. So fun, watch out someone might shut them.

Clothes threads are like toys that may trick the kitties into thinking they are snakes. Climbing over bookshelves is also a sport. Try to avoid glasses or books from dropping. Playing to be a parachutist from the top of a balcony may or may not, depending on the floor, cause death.

Some beautiful indoors plants are tempting; Poinsettias, Azales, or Diffenbachias (Dumbcanes) may cause serious poisonings.


Wasps, snakes and larvae.


Don’t let your kitty or cat play with electric cables; they can electrocute themselves biting them.


Make sure your cat’s mouts is free of blood clots, saliva or of any unknown body, and make sure that he can breathe normal.


Your cat may suffer from a bacterial, viral or parasitic originated gastroenteritis.

For more information contact your veterinarian..